Project Justice: Empower Student Voices


21st century learning encompasses so much more than reading, writing and arithmetic. It requires critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Digitally connected students need to explore the world to understand and address global issues. Project Justice is a way to integrate 21st century interdisciplinary themes of global awareness, economic, civic, health, environmental and digital literacy, while tapping into a student's innate desire to share their voice with others.

The purpose of Project Justice is to:
  1. Get students thinking about social justice; what is it? how is it different than charity? how does it affect them?
  2. Investigate social justice issues and identify an issue that they feel passionate about.
  3. Plan a project that will help educate about and /or advocate for a specific social justice issue.

Grade level

Middle & High School


It can be approached as a week-long immersion experience or 10 one-and-a-half to two-hour blocks.