Implementation Tips

  • If the group of children have not worked together before, then you should definitely spend more time up front with team building exercises.
  • It is great to have an uninterrupted week to work with, but this project can be broken down over a period of time or even done with less time.
  • If you are time constrained, you may need to provide more ideas and resources for producing a project. The ideal is to let the children have enough time to work through this step themselves, but your input is also welcome so long as you keep in mind that the children really need to work on something they are passionate about, not your favorite causes.
  • You may expect push-back from some parents about the idea of their children being exposed to “social justice” as in some circles it is almost a taboo subject. Thorough parent communication and administration support will be key to alleviate this issue.
  • You may want to add a component for the students to share their projects with the wider community, like holding a Justice Fair.
  • Every Project Justice will result in unique outcomes, this is what is great and also a little scary about starting one. It is a leap of faith, to hand creative control to a group of middle school children and really let them share what they are passionate about in their own way, but it is also immensely satisfying and I guarantee you will learn something and they will surprise you!