Faith-based Version

Project Justice @ Peace from Kim Wilkens on Vimeo.

God is on a mission to change the world. Want to know how you can help? Project Justice explores what God is up to, as we learn about ways that we can help. Project Justice culminates in the creation of a project that advocates for a real, positive change in our world.

God's Promises

  • What does the Bible say about God's promises, especially as they relate to justice?
  • During this session we consider what justice means to us by watching and discussing music videos and the influence of media, exploring empathy, identifying triggers our brain uses to tag unpleasant information thereby activating our flight or fight responses and studying scripture.
  • If this is the first time for the group to come together, you will definitely want to spend some time on ice breaker and team building activities to raise the comfort level for interactions and collaborations throughout the rest of the week.
  • day 1 - Project Justice @ Peace

God's Provision

  • How does God provide through others?
  • Guest speakers and/or field trips. Guest speakers are an essential component to Project Justice as hearing first-hand accounts of someone's journey from concerned observer to active participant helps us all see that we just need to be willing to take the first step. Guest speakers suggestions include someone who has been on a mission trip, someone involved in local congregation-based organizing, someone who helps refugees or someone from the local school who would be willing to share about the realities of life for children in your district who are disadvantaged.
  • day 2 - Project Justice @ Peace

God's Power

  • How do our passions wire us with God's power?
  • Field trips and/or guest speakers. Taking field trips is an essential component to Project Justice as this first-hand experience helps break down stereotypes and informs children about local social justice issues. Field trip suggestions include an after school program that helps disadvantaged youth, homeless shelter or day center, food bank or soup kitchen, animal shelter.
  • Brainstorm ideas for project and assign any "homework" needed to complete project, like research or bringing in props, etc.
  • day 3 - Project Justice @ Peace

God's Plan

  • How does it feel to be part of God's plan?
  • Create project plan for the day, assign responsibilities & tasks and complete project.
  • day 4 - Project Justice @ Peace

God's Presence

We Care, Do You? from Kim Wilkens on Vimeo.


  • Taking Root - ELCA planting seeds for justice
  • Will you be a trader? (video) -
  • d365 - daily devotions that deal with honest struggles and questions in the context of faith
  • LIRS - Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service
  • Silent Echo - Justice Walking testimony